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Get rid of pregnancy fat:
Seven kilos in nine days!

Too much is just too much! Do you know that feeling of frustration and discouragement when a pair of pants don't close, the tights pinch, or the top is too tight? Then, the garment is found in turn at the bottom of the wardrobe and to console you, there is a cookie. I find myself in this vicious cycle after the birth of my son. Of course, after having a child, it takes time for everything to return to normal. But the months go by and the pounds don't go away, they get even more!

I need someone to help me. I find support for my intention at Forever - with CLEAN9, the effective cleansing program. The combination of sport and nutrition, integrated into a comprehensive supplement package, appeals to me because I'm tired of mono diets and half-baked nutritional science. The products are purely herbal and therefore the feeling of not being unnecessarily overwhelmed by chemicals remains intact. A healthier everyday life and a leaner body - that's what I expect from CLEAN9 and I won't be disappointed!

Testimony of Noreen, 32, Munich, lawyer


It's all in the preparation
Forever’s CLEAN9 comes with everything you need to get started right away. The detailed presentation of the different phases (days 1 and 2, days 3 to 9) in the F. I. T. leaflet gives additional information on the optimal composition of the meals and gives a good portrait of your figure. It is worth reading the entire leaflet before starting the cleansing of the body!

While I have the power and the will to start immediately, I have still established a longer term strategy. CLEAN9 means eating almost nothing for the first two days to begin cleansing the body from the inside out. I am particularly afraid of hunger attacks - so this must be prevented! I choose a date when there are no meetings or breakfasts with the group. All your cookies and candy stores will be empty away from home! My husband's co-workers, garbage collectors, parcel carriers and the journalist rejoice at the kind consideration they receive.

Last but not least, I am looking for the F. I. T. -concept for the right training, because with CLEAN9 sports activities are on the program from day one. Light exercise first, then moderate exercise. Motivation is everything! Having ready-made exercises at my level of performance and watching the corresponding videos helps me better understand what I am doing during the CLEAN9 phase. It makes you want to discover new things!

It convinces every homebody
The extra pounds in gestation were mainly caused by my sluggish metabolism from lack of exercise. The joy of the sport was lost and when my growing stomach prevented me from playing my favorite sport (running). The F. I. T. concept takes a leap forward through many workouts in different disciplines. With him you will not only train differently but also effectively!

I was particularly interested in exercises in yoga and gymnastics with training groups. Because they're easy to follow even with a baby in the diaper, who needs a babysitter to run? Trying new exercises and discovering and developing my own abilities - this is what convinced me about the F. I. T. program!


Stimulate fat burning
The balanced composition of the food supplement of the CLEAN9 range has its full effect in synergy with other products. FOREVER SHAPE® contains three revolutionary substances that help balance the levels of glucose and fat in the body. The first of these substances is a single fiber obtained from the fig tree Opuntia ficus-indica. The second ingredient is a protein derived from kidney bean. The third ingredient is chromium chloride, which is very important for maintaining normal blood sugar levels.

FOREVER SHAPE® is the ideal combination of a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Inspire new habits
This effect is also supported by FOREVER ALOE VERA GEL ™ GEL: it is composed of 99.7% pure aloe vera and is a high quality product with the best of nature. Fresh, tangy and slightly lemony, it can smell the summer sun in Aloe Vera. FOREVER ALOE VERA GEL ™ is also part of my new evening and morning ritual. Positive consequence: you automatically drink more!


An exceptional sense of achievement!
I'm sure you're wondering what I could have done. I strictly followed the recommendation to weigh myself only on the first and last day. So I don't know exactly when the “ladies” are broken, but after CLEAN9 I regained my pre-pregnancy weight - that is, I lost 7 kilos in 9 days. If I look at my legs and arms now, I'm sure much of it will still have been accumulated water, which was eventually able to be carried!


More energy and power
However, much better than losing weight, it's my new energy that I appreciate. I have always believed that fatigue and weakness were the consequences of having a baby who does not yet sleep through the night and, at the same time, the usually very trying day as a mother. This may be true to some extent, but now I think my diet and lack of exercise were also big factors.

CLEAN9 resets body and mind - you feel new energy stores being released. It's like they've been hidden behind toxins and deposits and only now are they able to break free, because my body isn't overloaded with anything superfluous.


Forever is part of the new life
I feel fully satisfied and renewed. I have already ordered items from the CLEAN9 range and have incorporated them into my long-term diet. In addition, healthier routines have developed, daily movement (even if just a conscious look at the pedometer) is good for me, and I have developed healthy routines for drinking regularly. My child seems to feel it too, because the best thing for him is when I go get the yoga mat and train with him ...


Look Better. Feel Better: With Forever and CLEAN9, I finally made it!

Forever Aloe Vera Gel ™
A wisdom of nature! Enjoy and savor all the strength of Aloe Vera. Contains 99.7% pure Aloe Vera gel.

Live and benefit from all the power of Aloe Vera. Our drink contains 99.7% pure Aloe Vera gel with a hint of fresh lemon, is rich in vitamin C, is sugar-free and contains no preservatives. Carefully extracted from the leaf pulp of Aloe Vera, the precious essential nutrients go straight into your drink and help you maintain normal immune system function.


Clean9 Vanilla
The basic program for cleansing the body.

Touch Clean9 is part of the nutritional program of the same name from Forever. It is the basis of the Forever F.I.T. and optimally prepares you for lasting success in your weight management. Clean9 is available in 2 variations: art. 475 with Forever Ultra ™ Vanilla Shake Mix or art. 476 with Forever Ultra ™ Chocolate Shake Mix.

2 x art. 715 Forever Aloe Vera Gel ™
1 x art. 470 Forever Ultra ™ Vanilla Shake Mix
C9 Inner Pack:
Forever Shape® (9 capsules)
Forever Therm ™ (18 tablets)
Forever Fiber ™ (9 sachet)


Forever Fiber ™
Food rich in fiber.
Forever Fiber ™ is a high fiber food product. Dietary fibers (plant fibers) are an essential part of the daily diet. The inclusion of 30 grams per day is recommended. One serving of Forever Fiber ™ contains 5 grams of the best dietary fiber from plant sources, ensuring optimal intake.

  Learn more about the C9!
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